Friday, July 29, 2011

great things comes in threes!

i have three major love interests and obsessions in my life, photography, interior design, and fashion, still haven't figured out which one i love the most, so u'll be seeing a lot of them in my blog!
other than that, i'm a mother first and foremost of a beautiful little girl, her name is Sophie, u'll be seeing a lot of her photos in my blog too. she's an amazing tiny little sassy girl, hope u'll enjoy and stay toon!

have a great weekend!!

home decor!

i love that great big window wall! the color scheme is so girlie yet sophisticated, super elegant, and that chandelier is amazing!!

this huge portrait art canvas is to die for!

i just love that glamorous wallpaper, makes a major statement!

with all the colorful accessories, totally makes the dark wall stand out, love it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeling like blogging today!

this is a great floor! can't wait to rip out my old and ready to retire carpet and install some sleek dark hardwood floors just like this picture, it'll be sucha great feeling!!