Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap

had a busy full weekend packed with multiple events.  we took a mini road trip for our 6yrs anniversary and father's day on sunday! unfortunately, we missed out on the hot air balloons festival in Sonoma, i was really looking forward about this show, but should of known that it's an early bird kind of event, and we got there too late.  u live and learn i suppose.  will be more prepared next time around, nevertheless we made the best out of  our day and headed towards the bay for some cooler weather, strolling around bodega bay beaches. hope everyone had an awesome father's day weekend as well! ^_^


Friday, June 15, 2012

a day at the park

another beautiful little family i got to capture some special moments for.  i want to take a little time to thank my family and friends for supporting me in this journey, i feel very blessed, and i appreciate all the support from you all!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

gone with the wind

mini shoot with my sister's victorian dress for a mother's day victorian tea party at her church, how fun was that! so took the opportunity to do a little shoot with her dress before she return the rental dress.  nothing beats to doll up and feel like a princess once in a while right! :)











this two last shots really reminds me of gone with the wind movie! was definitely one of our favorite movie when we was little girls....we were so amaze how she made her green dress out of a curtain! classic right! something i probably see myself doing too. lol


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

family portrait

i had an awesome time capturing my really closed friend Kou and her family with a fun and very stylish fishing picnic theme day.  i'm pretty sure u'll enjoy this shoot just as much as i enjoyed taking it. 

koufamily (39)

where it all begins....


look what we found, a baby turtle decided to come out and say hello... :)


ready to do some fishing!! YAY!


brothers hanging out...

koufamily (8)

but we know who love fishing the most!

koufamily (6)

fishing in style, that's how i like it!!


aww one of my fav moments....father and son bonding time!



koufamily (14)

one lovely afternoon, nothing but smiles and peaches!

koufamily (23)

koufamily (26)

koufamily (24)


love is in the air...


koufamily (28)

koufamily (30)

relaxing and enjoying a good book....


koufamily (29)



such handsome boys! be careful mama for all the girls coming their ways!

koufamily (37)

cheers! oops we forgot to bring a cap

koufamily (34)

but we know just what to do with it! keke

koufamily (33)

love the goofiness of Kou and her son Chance's personalities! we can totally tell who Chance gets his traits from! ;)


koufamily (52)

let's see if we can catch any fireflies! but darn i don't think we have such thing here in

koufamily (49)


one awesome tranquil little spot!


it was a delight spending my afternoon with my good friend's little family, i had an amazing time, even though i almost ate the grown trying to catch a shot, but it was totally worth it! i'm still in one piece, just as long as i don't fall in the water LOL. ;p